Beijing opera

Beijing opera (Peking opera)
Strictly speaking, it is not opera. This art combines singing, acrobatics, dance, music. It is not exactly from Beijing, also. It originated in the south of China but became popular after it reached the imperial court in Beijing.
There are people who enjoy the performances. I personally think that the mewing which occurs on stage (and is supposed to be called singing), is completely unlistenable. That is, if you approach it without any prior knowledge to what, in the world, is going on up there.
What I do enjoy about it is pretty much everything else, really: the costumes, the heavy make-up, and all the other prerequisites to a good performance. Everything which occurs on stage has its significance. For instance, the performers are obliged to walk in a certain way and if the male  character takes one step too many, this could be a tragedy for the real fan.

Here I offer a list of websites with articles, shedding light on what Peking opera is and what it is which makes it so special:
★ Start off by watching a short video by UNESCO website, which features parts of performances and general information on the art of Peking opera..

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